Welcome to Ink Metal & Lace. I am so glad you decide to check the space I have created to celebrate art and my musings about art--all forms of it!

My name is Felicia Kay. I am an enthusiastic purveyor and creator of art. I dabble in several different forms of art and find such peace in the creation and participation.

What Does Ink Metal and Lace Mean?

I wanted a place to combine all my artistic passions and this seemed to be the best way to do it!


Ink encompasses a wide variety of art forms, I've been writing since I was young, but I also love body art and tattoos. The versatility the way ink can be used as a creative medium intrigues beyond imagination.

Metal started out as a fascination for body piercings and modification beyond traditional earrings. In recent years it has begun to reflect my taste in music and my love for travel...I spend a lot of time in metal transportation equipment.

Lace represents a softer side of me, the femininity I wholeheartedly embrace with loving arms. Whether it is a bold makeup look or exploring new fashion trends. Being a woman is an art form and I want all women to love themselves for who they are regardless if they prefer basketball shorts over ballgowns. Just love yourself and be kind.  

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